Century Challenge

Important notice:

22/03/20 - Message from LFCC Committee:
This will stay open. Hoping that we can get back to some form of normality later in the year.
One way or another I want to keep this as fair as possible. I'm pretty sure this may prove difficult but can I ask for forebearance. I have taken a screenshot of the current leaderboard.
Three guiding principles apply:-
I don't want to burden the system admin at all but keep the challenge ticking over until better times.
We should not be riding more than 100km from now anyway. In fact a lot less. Do NOT add any more rides this month. There are two people who haven't yet registered a ride.
Virtual rides normally do NOT count but see below.
I am assuming that the restrictions will go beyond the end of April. Sometime during April, preferably near the end just in case there is a miracle, add a manual ride of 100km and for the route put in CV2020. That way you won't be DQ'd and it needs no admin input. Continue monthly until things get better. I will contact the two who need to do it for March unless thay have seen this and do it anyway. There is a week left so I feel it's fair to include them.
If you have access to a virtual rider by all means use ONE of them upto 149km but no more, so you only get 10 points.
Keep safe and most importantly keep apart whatever you're doing.
If you need to contact the Century Challenge Organiser please do so via the contact form.

Welcome back to the LFCC Century Challenge. The current top 10 riders are:

Rank Name Total Jan Feb Mar Apr May
1 Paul T. 255 60 100 75 10 10
2 Nick D. 210 30 70 90 10 10
3 Kenny C. 210 30 105 55 10 10
4 Phil M. 200 70 80 30 10 10
5 Ron G. 140 60 50 20 10 0
6 Alastair J. 125 40 30 45 10 0
7 John W. 115 35 20 40 10 10
8 Steve S. 110 40 20 30 10 10
9 Simon A. 110 30 30 30 10 10
10 Martyn W. 100 30 40 20 10 0
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